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I really hope you have a fun day. You are such an amazing friend to me, and I wish that I was able to talk to you a lot more recently.
Thank you for always being a colossal support. For the rest of my life, I’ll never forget how much you inspired me to work on my art no matter how busy I became.

You are the reason why I came to the SnK community. I met so many wonderful friends here including Annie, and the reason why I can be this happy right now. I owe you so much, and I’m not sure if I can express all of it at once.

Your art and ideas have always been a treat every time you post a new piece of work on your blog. It brings smiles, tears, and inspiration to many, and I admire how fast you work on them while being so accurate. There’s nothing I wish for more today than your happiness and that you will enjoy your birthday. Thanks for being born and bringing so much joy into my life.

Annie!! Thank you so much for collabing with me! I love the idea and your details to your shading!! I still can’t believe it’s mouse made! You are truly a genius. xD I’m not sure in what situation these three would be together in one room, but I sure love the idea that they would be LOL.
Thanks for being patient with me and working on Bertholdt as well. ><
I am so happy to have been able to collab with you!

Dear ask-jean
It’s like what are we even doing on your birthday, but rest assured Ryn and I really wanted to wish you a good one. xD;

Thanks for always making us laugh, and making me wish I had donuts from Timmies. One day I’ll know the joy of that Canadian donut empire.

I hope you stay awesome and forever charming. I’ll always cheer you on and your pursuit of ever changing cheesy pick up lines. Have a super great birthday and great rest of the year! May Marco always be with you.

askchibiannie sent:

happy birthday!! wishing you the best :)

Heya! Thank you so much!! Gosh there are so many nice Annies in the snk fandom… xD Seriously thank you so much!!

ryukos-best-friend sent:

Happy Birthday! Have a great one! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Heya!! Thanks for stopping by to wish me one!! I had a really great one and it’s really thanks to you guys. n_n)y

answeringthequestion sent:

The faceless detective tilts his head. "Happy Birthday."

I’m so tempted to draw on your face… xD Thank you so much!

Anonymous sent:

Happy happy birthday!! :D

Thank you so much!! It really means a lot to me. >< I wish I could thank you in person whoever you are.

Anonymous sent:

//back flips through window// HAPPY BIRTHDAY //showers in flowers, leaves calmly through door//

LOL. Thank you. xD I guess that’s what you call a Birthday Surprise.

ask-sasha-the-potato-girl sent:

// Heeyy I just met youuuu and happy birthday, let's be friends maybe?~ /SHOT/ HAPPY BIRTHDAY AWESOME PERSON!~ ; u ; -GIVES YOU ALL OF MY FEELS-

Sashaa *pap* 8D If you eat a lot you’re already my friend.
Thank you so much!!
Okay now what is your skype LOL. [jk you dont have to really give me it xD]

erenyayger sent:

Ahhhh happy birthday ; w ; (I hope this isn't late OTL) I'm sorry that we don't get to talk much but I think you're a very nice person and you deserve all the best! ; v ;

ssssSSSSSooororraAAAAAAA. 8’D We need to have a group reunion!! I missed you lots man. How have you been? &&& thank you so much!! *huggu*

ask-thesnktrio-deactivated20140 sent:

(( Happy Birthday! You're amazing! ))

Thank you so much!!! And for following me. ;-; Nice to meet you! I just went through your arts and I really love how you portray the trio!! You’re the amazing one, I hope we can be friends.